Beautiful Roermond

Poems and Poets

Hello, Beautiful Roermond! I like poetry. Of course I’m mostly familiar with poems in English, along with some in French and Spanish. These days, though, I’m reading poems in Dutch. My favorite writer just now is Hans Andreus, the pen-name of Johan Wilhelm van der Zant. Reading the work of Dutch poets is helping me… Continue reading Poems and Poets

A Visit to the Stadhuis

Each week the Roermond library hosts us buitenlanders for 90 minutes, as we strive to learn Dutch. A couple of weeks ago, we were all invited to visit another beautiful and historic Roermond building. We had the opportunity to tour Roermond City Hall, or more properly het Stadhuis gemeente Roermond. There were about 25 of… Continue reading A Visit to the Stadhuis

Walking in the Staad

In the US, I had a cute little Smart Car. A car was necessary where I lived. So many kilometers to the grocery store, so many to friends houses or other destinations. The roads were unpleasant for walking, and dangerous for bicycles. The nearest public transportation was about 3 kilometers from my house, and the… Continue reading Walking in the Staad


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