Getting To and Around Roermond


Before planning any travel anywhere, visit It will take any two places on the planet and give you routes by plane, train, car, bus, taxi, or ferry, along with time and cost estimates. It’s become an absolutely essential website for me.

Roermond is about 2 hours by train south of Amsterdam and west of Dusseldorf, near the German border, in the Limburg region. Trains to/from Amsterdam Centraal (the Maastricht train) are frequent, and the trip costs about 23 euros one way. The Roermond train station is clean and has all the services you would expect: shops where you can buy a cup of coffee and a paper, places to buy tickets and machines to reup your transit cards, a nice flower shop, and a taxi stand. Just outside the train station is the main bus depot.

The region is served pretty well by bus; the busses are clean and schedules are regular, but nothing runs more often than twice an hour, and once an hour on weekends/evenings. (Although the busses are run by Arriva, your standard OV Chipkart will work on them in the exact same way). There are no night busses, and no intercity/coach routes. You can check bus departure times here (and also get train timetables and travel times): 9292

There is a taxi stand at the train station (I haven’t seen one anywhere else), and the cabs seem to be honest and reputable; the fares are fair, guided by satnav.

Like most Dutch cities, Roermond is bike friendly, with ubiquitous bike paths and many streets in the historic center closed to automobile traffic. Unlike most Dutch cities, though, Roermond is also car-friendly, with broad streets and lots of public parking, and easy access to the highway.

Due to the surrounding natural recreation, lots of people bike through the region in summer, and there are also several popular motorcycle tour route. This website has many suggested routes for hiking, biking, and cycling: RouteYou

In the surrounding towns, there are lots of summer cabins and parks for RVs. There are so many lakes and rivers, they lend themselves to little homeparcs on little beaches. The natural areas are well maintained and water quality is tested, so this whole region is extremely popular in the summer.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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