Saturday: Market Day!

Antique market at Munsterplein with a band in the kiosk
Antique market at Munsterplein with a band in the kiosk

On Saturdays, the center of Roermond slows down and relaxes. On Kloosterwandplein, there is an antique/flea market. In Munsterplein, a brass band plays in the kiosk. In Marktplein, there is, of course, a market. Often there are other different things happening on weekends in the squares; last weekend there were fire trucks and firemen letting kids play with the trucks and hoses. Sometimes a bunch of food carts pull up and set up shop. In short, in the weekends, there is always something happening in the squares of Roermond.

Today the antique market was set up in Munsterplein for some reason. But it was nice to have it there – the band was playing and the cafes were quietly bustling and people were wandering and browsing (and chatting and greeting each other; clearly they do this every week). Then I went up to Marktplein for the weekly market.


It has everything you would expect from a market like this, only smaller; a big produce area, meat, fish, cheese, bread (they were baking bread onsite and it smelled like heaven), sausages and jellies, and flowers galore. There were also clothes and food stands and fabric and various stalls selling other things. Again, a typical European weekly market, but smaller. Adorable.


I had a long lunch and, in the evening, the symphony was playing outdoors in Kloosterwandplein. It was beautiful, and lovely to hang around in the warm evening listening to the music. People were lingering in the cafes and benches around the square, listening and chatting quietly.20170708_182316

There is always something going on in Roermond, and this site is a great resource for finding events and planning your weekends.


Photos taken by myself. Creative Commons license

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