While I do avoid shopping at franchises, I can’t resist Xenos. I am a sucker for shops like World Market in the US, and Xenos really scratches that itch for me. It’s a widespread franchise in Germany and The Netherlands, and also has an online store. Since I have so much stuff to get for the apartment, I have been doing a lot of home shopping, and love this store. Really pretty dishes and accent furniture, lighting and patio sets, along with kitchenware and (yay!) art and craft supplies. The quality is quite good for the price, and I love prowling around this store, picturing how things would look in my house. Plus, it’s just between Stationsplein and Munsterplein on Hamstraat, so it’s really easy to pop in and look around (apparently there is also a location at the retailpark, but I haven’t been to that one.)

This weekend they had a huge sale that made me regret everything I bought there earlier in the month; I would have waited if I had known. But it was fun to pick up a few more things anyway.

Image courtesy of xenos.nl

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