Dining: Faubourg St. Jacques


This charming cafe is just across the Roer from the historic center, at the foot of the Maria-Theresia Brug. Their menu and website are in a weird dialect (is it Limburgish? Please comment or message if you know more of the history), but it’s similar enough to Dutch that I was able to read it, and of course my servers spoke excellent English.

Looking it up now online, I’m surprised that the reviews aren’t better – my meal was excellent (I had the fajita salad, which is nothing like an American would expect from something with that name, but was delicious). The steak was perfectly cooked and tender, the dressing was creamy and just the right amount.

It was wonderful to sit outside and watch the world go by on the well-trafficked little bridge, but the interior is also really charming. I imagine it would be warm and welcoming in winter.

My meal was very reasonably priced for the quantity and quality, and I will definitely be going back to this adorable spot.


Image courtesy of tripadvisor.nl

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