Dining: Markt 10


Despite my sincere desire to try all the cafes here and sample what the city has to offer, I do find myself at Markt 10 an awful lot.

What drew me initally, of course, was the truly free, no-hassle wifi. While the Roermond city guide claims there is public WIFI in the squares, I haven’t found that to be true. There are a number of cafes that claim to have WIFI, but it’s not working at that particular moment. This gets frustrating for me, because I do love to spend an afternoon working from a cafe. Markt 10 has wifi that you just connect to; no login, no terms of service, no Facebook requirement… just WIFI for all.

But it’s not just WIFI, of course. Marktplein is a great place to people watch and listen to the bells chime the time away. And Markt 10 has consistently delicious food at a reasonable price.

I really like their burgers, and the lunch menu has some really amazing salads. Service is fast, cheerful, and friendly, and they let me stay here for hours, sipping wine and typing away, watching the world go by for inspiration.

Something to note (and I have no idea if this is typical of the region or what), but I once ordered an iced cappuccino on a hot day, and what arrived was a coffee milkshake. Of course, it was delicious and I loved it, but it wasn’t at all what I expected, and I have observed other tourists having that experience as well.

I started coming to Markt 10 when I first started coming to Roermond, and seem to find myself here a couple times a week. But it always seems to be a good decision, and I never regret it.


Image courtesy of markt10.com

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