Beautiful Roermond

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 7.29.08 PM

Some American friends were surprised recently when I mentioned that Roermond is a popular holiday spot. They wondered that a (relatively) obscure little city might be a good place to vacation. I took this screenshot to help explain: there is SO MUCH water around here, and so much natural beauty. In a hot summer, when people want lakes and rivers, to hang out in little cabins and mess around in boats, there isn’t a better spot than Roermond for a long way in any direction.

One thing I increasingly love about it here is that I’m only a 20 minute walk in any direction from being in the country, with horses and little farms and hiking trails and beautiful landscapes all around. 20170801_121919

(it does seem that all my photos are on cloudy days, doesn’t it? But check out these amazing cows I saw the other day)


It’s a strikingly beautiful spot to appreciate nature and experience the quietness of being away from it all. Peaceful Roermond

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