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So, the past five years have seen a lot of changes in my life. I’ve gone from my early 40s to my mid 40s. From living in America to living in Europe, from living in Amsterdam to living in Roermond. From making a lot of money to making very little money (although my business is actually doing well and I’m proud of it).

In the time before all of this, I used to blog quite a lot about living a more natural lifestyle, making your own beauty products, gardening, poetry… my blog was where I shared a wide range of thoughts, so it was called, appropriately enough, Expatiation.

The truth is, I love Roermond and I love blogging about it. I want to continue exploring and writing about it. I recently discovered and have been hanging out at the beautiful park off of Roroweg (does it have a name? Across Schippershaven from the Designer Outlet). Sjommelmert was fun, as it was last year, but too damn hot. I want to take better advantage of it next year. I also went to the new DeGraaf Proeflokaal and it’s just lovely; really excellent atmosphere, excellent service, nice wine list, good cocktails… I highly recommend it.

But I do spend a lot of time at home messing around with my recipes, researching nutrition, and trying to find healthy, natural ways to look and feel my best. If you want to read about that stuff, and other lifestyle content, you can find it over here.


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  1. I think it’s called ”stadsweide” or ”city meadow”. Unless you’re referring to the park at Arlo street across the Arlo flats and the Designer Outlet, which I believe doesn’t have a name. The last couple of years they made a stop there for river cruises and they gave that park a make-over to make it look more appealing for tourists who enter Roermond from there.

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