I am Featured in the Current HOWDO Magazine

I am so far behind on this blog, but wanted to share this bit of news. I was asked to contribute my “life story” to HOWDO, the expat magazine in Eindhoven. Well, it’s not exactly my life story, but I did write a little article about myself and my travels, and it just came out yesterday. You can read it here, starting on page 50.

I have been volunteering for The Hub in Eindhoven, and do love the friends I am making there. And sometimes they gently suggest that I should move to Eindhoven, since there is more for me to do there. And I demur and tell them that I love Roermond and wouldn’t leave it, even though I don’t fit in here.

The truth is, despite the rather obvious flaws and problems in my life, I am just so inexplicably happy and content. I wouldn’t change a thing.


1 thought on “I am Featured in the Current HOWDO Magazine”

  1. I worked in Eindhoven for many years and even though it’s bigger than Roermond and therefore has a bit more to offer, I never really cared for the city and was always glad to catch the train back to Roermond at the end of the workday. It’s not exactly the most beautiful town and it kinda misses a charming historic center in my opinion.

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