Something puzzling me!

Hello, beautiful Roermond!

Summer is here. On warm days, I like to open my windows to catch the breeze. Many people do this – I see open windows on my walks around town. But I have no screens on the windows or doors of my flat. And most of the open windows I see are un-screened. Why is this? Flies and mosquitos come in – of course they do. There were three annoying mosquito bites on my arm last week – I wish I’d taken a picture of them!

The Dutch do everything so sensibly, so intelligently – I wonder why window and door screens are so rarely installed, here? There must be some reason…

Open windows, screened and not – why not?

I did find door and window screens at the Action store! But they are not the right size for my home…

Hooray! …maar niet voor mij…

2 thoughts on “Something puzzling me!”

  1. Good question. I don’t know why. The mosquitoes are really bad this year because we’ve had so much rain this summer. Last year we had a dry and hot summer, hence not nearly as many mosquitoes as this year!


    1. Hi, Evan! That’s a good point – this is my first summer in Roermond. The number of mosquitos may depend on weather. But I bet the flies are about the same every year. The lack of screens still puzzles me… I hope you and yours are all well and having a lovely summer!


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