A Happy Meeting

Fotostudio Carreno on Hamstraat

Hello, beautiful Roermond!

One of the many great things about Roermond is the wonderful people here. Slowly, now that lockdown is over and I understand a little (heel kleine!) Dutch, my neighbors and the people in the shops begin to recognize and talk to me. Just simple stuff, greetings and commenting on the weather – but it’s a beginning!

Recently I met Lidia Carreno. That was a very good outcome of a not-so-good event; my wallet was stolen while on vacation in France, in August. These things happen, and it turned out as well as possible. The stolen wallet did not ruin our vacation, and so far no harm has come of it – just a sharp lesson for me, and some inconvenience. Whew – so lucky!

But, now I have to get new ID, of course. So I needed a new photograph. I’d seen Fotostudio Carreno on Hamstraat, with a sign in the window that said “Pasfoto”. I looked them up online, and emailed for an appointment. I got a quick reply and an appointment for the next day.

I was early for the appointment, on a lovely sunny day; so I sat outside at CoffeeLovers (mmmmm…) drinking a decaf. Across Hamstraat, in front of the photo studio, two women were sitting outside chatting. One is a lonely old lady I see sometimes walking in the town; the other younger woman I thought might be the photographer. When she got up and photographed the lady, I was pretty sure. The old lady walked away. I finished my coffee, went across the street to the studio & found I was right! She is Lidia.

And what a lovely visit that turned out to be! Lidia took several shots and we looked them over to see what was best. She knows the guidelines for acceptable passport and ID photos, & she made sure the picture we chose was in compliance. She was professional and friendly. After the picture was taken, we got to talking.

She’s Dutch, but like me she’s new to Roermond. She was looking for studio space in Heerlen and chanced to see an advertisement for a place here in Roermond, so she came to see. She liked the space and she likes Roermond, so she moved here in July and opened Fotostudio Carreno.

And how good for Roermond! She’s already an active member of the community. She helps with Ook Dit Is Roermond @ookditisroermond on FaceBook. She helps her neighbors with their BnB. She wants to make some of her studio available to local artists or designers to show and sell their work. She has some great ideas to use photography for themed children’s parties with costumes and green screen. What fun!

And she has a warm heart for young people, teens with problems and stories to tell. She is the kind of person who gives a lot to their community. Lucky for Roermond that she chose to come here.

When I left her studio I felt cheerful and happy! And with a great photograph to use on my application for a new ID card, too! So if anyone out there needs the services of a skilled photographer, give Fotostudio Carreno a call! And stop to say Hello! if you see her outside her studio on Hamstraat. She will brighten your day!

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