A Visit to the Stadhuis

Each week the Roermond library hosts us buitenlanders for 90 minutes, as we strive to learn Dutch. A couple of weeks ago, we were all invited to visit another beautiful and historic Roermond building. We had the opportunity to tour Roermond City Hall, or more properly het Stadhuis gemeente Roermond.

There were about 25 of us, mostly foreigners with a few Nederlanders. We walked from the library to Marktplein and our tour guide gathered us in front of the building, around the circle that tells the history of the kingdoms for the past thousand years. He explained a little about the buildings, in Dutch of course. And I did understand some of what he said!

Then we entered the building through that stately door. We visited the room where the weddings take place, and pushed the button to signal the carillon to play the wedding march. We visited the council chamber. And we even climbed up into the rafters to see the carillon and the view of the square below, from away up there among the rooftops.

I felt so lucky! A beautiful and historic building. What a great evening!

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