Poems and Poets

Hello, Beautiful Roermond!

I like poetry. Of course I’m mostly familiar with poems in English, along with some in French and Spanish. These days, though, I’m reading poems in Dutch. My favorite writer just now is Hans Andreus, the pen-name of Johan Wilhelm van der Zant. Reading the work of Dutch poets is helping me to learn the Dutch language, and teaching me more about Dutch culture. Poetry is also a doorway for me, to the beauty in the Dutch language.

(It’s become hard to say “Dutch” instead of “Nederlands” – it just doesn’t feel right!)

Anyway, the library is offering all of us an opportunity to get to know six contemporary Dutch poets, with guidance from Roermondse poet Meity Völke. Meity won the Turing Gedichtenwedstrijd in 2019. She published her first volume of poems, Aan het licht, in 2020.

Here is the link from the library website for anyone who wants more information about the leesclub.

Also, if you want to know more about Meity’s work, here is a link to see and hear her, reading her poems last year at the Nacht van de Poëzie.

I hope you find a wonderful poem to read, today!

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