De Omwentelaars

Hello, beautiful Roermond!

Have you heard of de Omwentelaars? It’s an organization of here in the Roermond area, made up of people who are committed to sustainability. They not only hope that the world can be a better place – they work to make it so. And they have fun in the process.

Last year I joined their Kledingruil, or clothing exchange, which is a rotation of people who periodically receive a big bag of clean, good-quality 2nd hand clothes. I think there are seven bags circulating among the members now. When it’s my turn, a bag is dropped off at my house by another member. I can go through it, remove anything I want to keep, add anything I want to share, and then pass the bag on to the next person on the list. It’s quite fun to sort through and try on so many nice, new-to-me outfits in the privacy of my home!

You can read on their FB page about how damaging so called “fast fashion” is, as well as a summary of everything they accomplished in 2022.

De Omwentelaars have activities all year. They bring people together for nature walks, for river clean-ups, to learn about gardening and vegetarian cooking, etc. You can always check their website or FB page to see what is on their agenda.

I admire that they are open and welcoming to everyone, no matter what their level of commitment to sustainability, or to the environment. Everyone starts from somewhere, and the Omwentelaars aim to encourage and educate the community.

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