Carnaval 2023

Hello, beautiful Roermond!

Whew! I am still tired! Well not really – but this town throws quite a party! And I’m an introverted, quiet sort of old lady.

There was a celebration here last year but I didn’t connect with it for some reason. This year, though, I thought it was important to get out and experience Carnaval. Who knows what the future will bring? I should grab the opportunity to know more of this beautiful city. And februari 20th was my birthday – my 70th birthday! So yes, I had to participate at least on that day.

We went to the parade, then went home to finish our costumes. After dark, we went back out. We were die ‘kwallen’ in de straat – did you see us? We walked all through the center, but kept coming back to Marktplein, outside De Sjants. It had the best vibe.

We danced, and talked to people, and drank wine, and had a wonderful time! Thank you, Roermond, for happy times and good memories!

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